2018 Lightwell Survey 'Dark Days' Rosé

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The Gist

  • Grape Varietal: Blaufrankisch 
  • Shenandoah Valley, Virginia
  • Organic farming
  • Whole cluster semi-carbonic
  • Unfined/Unfiltered
  • 11.6% ABV
  • 114

From the winemaker: ¨Warm weather was made for escaping to the water and rosé was always made light pink, but the unexpected is always lurking just under the surface. There’s never much you can do when it rears it’s head, pops out and grabs you except drink up. When things don’t seem normal, that’s where the real adventure lives.
True to name, it’s as dark as these days. Don’t let the deep dark color fool you, it’s a live wire. Ripe
red fruit bouncing all over and the palate is a ride you wont forget. Are you drinking red wine? Nah man,
it’s fresh, bright, it’s dancing. Easy drinking here kids – get after it.¨