2019 Populis Rosé

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The Gist

  • Grape Varietal: 85% Carignan; 10% Zinandel; 5% Muscat
  • Orinda, CA
  • Organic and dry farming
  • Direct press of Carignan; skin fermented Muscat
  • Unfined/Unfiltered
  • 12% ABV

I learned recently from Adam that some wine professionals think of rosé on a spectrum: Tavel on the one hand (darker in color, closer to red wine) and Provance on the other (lighter, closer to white). He described this wine as being closer towards the Provance-end. I nodded politely and while absorbing most of what he was telling me, I was in reality thinking of how this wine tasted like pink lemonade and watermelon and how good it woud be to eat a hotdog right about now.