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2019 Quarticello Ferrando Lambrusco

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The Gist

  • Grape Varietal: Lambrusco Salamino
  • Emilia-Romagna, Italy
  • Organic farming
  • Spontaneous fermentation
  • Unfined/Unfiltered
  • 12% ABV

When I studied abroad in Florence during college I mostly drank beer. My rag tag group of friends-- made up of Germans, Italian locals, and a New Zealander--would always go to the same bar, buy Peronis and sit on the street curb drinking and smoking cigarettes. Very rare were the evenings spent in any semblance of a nice restaurant and drinking palletable Italian wine (it was college, we were broke). But I did always like Lambrusco. The flavors, the light bubbles, the ranging hues of red. This Ferrando Lambrusco from Quarticello is not the cheap stuff of my early 20s. It is also not dense or jammy like some Lambruscos can be. This delicate wine is more like a sparkling rose. It's fresh and delicious and we finished the bottle in one sitting.