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2021 Florèz ‘White Rhino’ Grenache Blanc

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The Gist

  • Grape Varietal: 100% Grenache Blanc 
  • Dunnigan Hills, CA
  • Certified organic farming
  • Spontaneous fermentation; 2/3 direct-pressed, 1/3 foot tread; aged 6 months on the lees in neutral oak barrels
  • Unfined/Unfiltered
  • No added SO2
  • 12% ABV
  • Distributed by Amy Atwood Selections

From the winemaker, "Grenache Blanc is a unique grape that is known to be sensitive to oxidation. While this wine is not oxidized, the skin contact has intensified the amber color. You can see just how sensitive this variety is by observing the color change the day after opening, particularly dramatic as this is an unsulfured wine. Aromas of pineapple, honeydew, caramel and spice. The palate has a good acidity and nutty finish. I’m snacking on comté cheese as I write and taste. Bon appetit!"